Paradise Consultation

Paradise Public Transport Improvement Scheme

This is our response to the Paradise Public Transport Improvement Scheme. It would be helpful if you could respond too; it is sufficient just to say you agree with the Push Bikes submission, pasting into your response the link to this web page. The consultation runs until 1st June.

We note that these proposed changes are specifically labelled public transport, however we would like the following changes to improve the cycle infrastructure provision to be considered in relation to the changes to the highway network in the vicinity of Paradise Circus:

  1. Lyon Queensway (between Centenary Square and Cambridge Street) could have the narrowing to a single lane each way, associated with the new pedestrian crossing, extended to one lane for the length of Lyon Queensway and highway space reassigned to provide a segregated cycle lane. This would provide better amenity for cyclists. There is also potential for the cycle lane to be extended north and onto Great Charles Street (as the highway in this area is likely to be changed and new cycle lanes could be provided here too), and to the towpath along the canal.
  2. The permitted movements for cyclist in the area along Paradise Circus (between Centenary Square and Suffolk Street Queensway) seems somewhat confusing. All movements appear to be allowed except northbound from Suffolk Street Queensway to Lyon Queensway. It seems odd that this one movement is banned, and this is likely to confuse cyclists, leading to non-compliance.
  3. The blanket ban on cycles intersecting the tram line appears to block cycle access along the southern bridge section. Given the new cycle hire scheme docks in the vicinity, a signed cycle route immediately to the north and south of the tram line on  should be incorporated into the changes.
  4. The access to the southern Paradise car park is for the site as a whole, and we would expect employees based in the site, who wish to cycle to the site, would need to access this car park to access cycle parking facilities associated with employers within the development. To encourage workplace cycling, cycle access into this car park should be incorporated into the design.
  5. We also understand a cycle hub is to be build as part of the Paradise development. Connection to this hub from the highway network should be considered as part of these works.