Add you voice to the call for space for cycling by responding to consultations. Ask for new infrastructure to be made suitable for cyclists of all ages and abilities. Use our response as a template if you are not sure what to write.

Connecting Bordesley Green consultation

A Junction Clogged with Motor Traffic in Bordesley Green

Birmingham City Council (BCC) is consulting on initial proposals for improving walking and cycling conditions in Bordesley, focusing on 5 corridors. From the information in the consultation, called ‘Connecting Bordesley Green’, it seems that this is the first of two consultation stages, so the proposals so far are fairly broad-brush, but feedback now will have a big impact on what direction forward is taken. The consultation will close on Friday 1st March 2024.

Twin consultations Holyhead Traffic Management Schemes

One way sign on a British street.

Birmingham City Council has two consultations out on proposals for 20mph zones and one-way streets in the Holyhead area (in Handsworth) that aim to tackle rat-running. These two consultations finish on the 10th Dec 2023.

Please take the time to respond to these two consultations (links below). You can give your own feedback on the proposals, or you can say that you support Push Bikes' comments.

Links to the consultations:

Bournville and Cotteridge Places for People

Oak Tree Lane Modal Filter

The Cadbury brothers intended Bournville to be a pleasant and quiet neighbourhood for the people that lived in it. It has many historic low traffic neighbourhoods, and there are footpaths cutting through between houses everywhere. The Cadbury brothers were keen "cyclers" (to use the contemporary word), but cycling infrastructure wasn't really a thing, because it wasn't needed. Cycling simply outweighed driving as a mode of transport (see photo at the bottom).

Consultation: Enforcement cameras at junctions in Birmingham

Signs notifying drivers of enforcement cameras for a bus lane.

Birmingham City Council (BCC) is consulting on using new powers granted in May 2022 to local councils to enforce ‘moving traffic offences’ at several locations around the city. Although the law granting councils these powers (the Traffic Management Act) was passed in 2004, until now only Transport for London had been allowed to use the new powers. While previously local councils could use cameras to enforce bus lane restrictions, they will now be able to enforce a range of other traffic restrictions, including driving through ‘No Entry’ signs and taking banned left or right turns.

Consultation: Kings Heath high street pavement widening

Kings Heath High Street on a Sunday

As part of the social distancing measures introduced in 2020 at the start of the Covid pandemic, sections of on-street parking on Kings Heath High Street were suspended. Birmingham City Council is now consulting on making those changes permanent.

The consultation closes on 10th June 2022. The link for the consultation is here: Kings Heath local centre consultation


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