Add you voice to the call for space for cycling by responding to consultations. Ask for new infrastructure to be made suitable for cyclists of all ages and abilities. Use our response as a template if you are not sure what to write.

A34 segregated cycle track consultation

Artist's impression of the cycle track on the A34

As part of the Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR), a new segregated cycle route from Birmingham city centre to the Heathfield Road junction is being consulted on now. (The BCR team will be drawing up plans for the next section to reach Perry Barr OneStop soon.) This consultation is the second of a pair of consultations - the other consultation is the A38 Bristol Road consultation.

Consultation: Variable 20mph zones outside schools

School zone 20mph variable limit sign

Birmingham City Council is consulting on a list of variable 20mph zones outside schools in Birmingham. This is part of the work paid for by the Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR) with the national funds awarded by the government through the Cycle City Ambition Grants. There are individual consultations for each of the variable 20mph zones, but contact email address for each is the same.

Hatchford Brook Cycleway consultation

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There is a consultation for a new cycle route in Sheldon Country Park, alongside the Hatchford Brook, next to the golf course. The route will have 2.5m tar-and-chip paths installed, and links across Coventry Road to Elmdon Park in Solihull. In Push Bikes' response to this consultation we have noted that a 3m minimum for shared use paths is preferable, and that any chicanes and vehicular barriers installed must be able to accommodate all cycles, such as recumbents and cycles with trailers.

Bristol Road Cycle Track Consultation

Artists impression of the cycle track along the central reservation.

Following last year's change of direction by BCR (see our previous article), the formal consultation on the segregated cycle track along Bristol Road from the city centre to Selly Oak has been launched. This 4km stretch of high-quality segregated track is one of two that will be built this year and if they are completed successfully, they will demonstrate that Birmingham is able to deliver high quality space for cycling.

Hurst Street Public Square Consultation

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Birmingham City Council is consulting on changes to the highways on Hurst Street next to the Hippodrome, following a temporary arrangement that blocked motor traffic access from Hurst Street onto Smallbrook Queensway. Prior to the current temporary arrangement, Hurst Street carried a large volume of motor traffic through the city centre. That motor traffic flow has been mainly diverted away without making Birmingham city centre motor traffic seize up any more than it did before.

Consultation: Implementation of Clean Air Zones

Image from Greenpeace of baby in pushchair next to exhaust fumes.

DefRA (The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) is consulting on plans to implement clean air zones in 5 cities across the UK, including Birmingham. Birmingham City Council is generally welcoming the proposals, and has stated that following the national consultation, there will be a local consultation in Birmingham on what a clean air zone will be like in Birmingham.

Colmore Row cross-city cycle route

Space for Cycling Logo

I started off writing this blog post as a discussion of the Snow Hill Public Realm Consultation - which I have left below - but I feel that branding this 'Colmore Row cross-city cycle route' is more apt. Birmingham city centre has long been criticised as impenetrable by cycle, with the routes that exist being convoluted and broken up by dismount signs.


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