Local Links consultation

Junction with cycle symbols on A47 Parkway route.

Birmingham City Council are consulting on a package of local links works as part of the Birmingham Cycle Revolution. This consultation closes on the 15th December 2017.

The proposals consist mainly of minor work to create some shared use pavements and dropped kerbs to help people get onto existing cycle routes. Trittiford Road (Cole Valley Green Route), Haunch Lane (also Cole Valley Green Route) and Park Hill Road (Harborne Walkway) fit into this category. The crossing of Old Walsall Road is more interesting, as the plans suggest the use of a parallel cycle and zebra crossing. For these schemes, while Push Bikes is supportive, we think that it is very important that clear signs are set-up to let everyone know where the cycle routes are so that people passing by in cars and buses can see their options for cycling. We also think that providing more pedestrian crossings is important too.

There is one longer route - linking the Stratford-upon-Avon canal to the Rea Valley Route - which consists of bike symbols painted on Monyhull Hall Road and Broad Meadow Road. We are very strongly opposed to wasting any money on the proposals for this route. The BCR programme already tried out 'quiet' routes with painted bike symbols on the road. The outcome of these routes was only to waste money - there is no evidence for any increase in cycling on those routes at all. Monyhull Hall Road and Broad Meadow Road are busy roads that are narrow with pinch points. The painted bike symbols will have no benefit to anyone and are a waste of money.

In the BCR stakeholders meetings we were told that the BCR team had learnt the lessons of the failed 'quiet' routes and that no more routes with bike symbols painted on the road would be put forward. So to see these plans put forward now (and tellingly, these plans were not brought to the BCR stakeholders meetings for prior discussion) is very disappointing. Money should not be wasted like this.


We ask that you please respond to the consultation to say:

(1) Yes, extra shared use pavements and dropped kerbs to help cycle users get from the road to a cycle route are good.

(2) Yes, new tiger crossings (zebra plus parallel cycle) are very useful and we want more of them.

(3) Painted bike symbols on roads are pointless and an utter waste of money. Scrap that scheme and do not suggest similar schemes like that in the future.


The consultation is here, and remember the deadline is the 15th December.