Add you voice to the call for space for cycling by responding to consultations. Ask for new infrastructure to be made suitable for cyclists of all ages and abilities. Use our response as a template if you are not sure what to write.

Consultation: BCC Road Safety Strategy

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Friday, October 23, 2015 - 23:45

Birmingham City Council has developed a new Road Safety Strategy with support from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Giving people the confidence to choose walking and cycling as their preferred way of getting around is vital.  The Road Safety Strategy describes our plans to create safer roads, safer people and safer vehicles. Cyclists are identified as one of the key ‘vulnerable road users’ within the strategy, and we are especially keen to hear their views.

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Birmingham Road Safety and West Midlands Transport Plan consultations.

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There are two important strategic consultations going on at the moment: Birmingham City Council's (BCC) Road Safety Strategy consultation as part of the Birmingham Connected project; and the new West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority's (WM ITA) consultation on their Strategic Transport Plan - 'Movement for Growth'. These consultations are both finishing in October, with the BCC Road Safety consultation

Daytime Lighting

Edgbaston Tunnel Lighting to be Replaced in Early September

Ever since the lights went out in Edgbaston Tunnel earlier this year I've been relentlessly emailing various councillors (especially Tahir Ali) asking for the lights to be fixed. I'm pleased to say that the lights are now scheduled to be completely replaced with modern lighting, hopefully in the first half of September, though this is dependent on materials and the CRT pontoon arriving on time.

Where Else?

Consultation - Pavement Advertising Procurement

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The city council would appreciate your views on how advertising space in city-centre and on main arterial routes is planned. This includes asking whether discounted advertising rates should be available for council messages and advertisements. The consultation details can be viewed here, and you can voice your opinion on the survey link on that page.

Consultation runs to 19 June 2015.

Consultation - 20mph TROs

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Birmingham City Council is carrying out final Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) consultations on the 20mph areas consulted on last year, before doing the work to implement the 20mph limits. This is a legal requirement for changes to the highways that Birmingham City Council has to carry out as part of the process of changing the speed limits. Push Bikes supports the TRO plans, as we believe that 20mph speed limits are an important part of creating a road environment that is attractive for cycling and walking.


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