What has LSTF delivered for cycling in Birmingham?

Shared use pavement on Bristol Road.

Summary and conclusions:

In 2011 Centro won a Local Sustainable Transport Fund award to deliver a series of schemes to promote public transport use and active travel across the West Midlands. In Birmingham major improvements were to be made to (amongst others) the Bristol Road and Pershore Road corridors, some of which relate to better cycling infrastructure. The Birmingham City council's policy is for a modal shift leading to 5% of journeys by bike traffic (i.e. over three times the current level). Will this investment help secure this growth?

When Reducing Rat-Running the Small Details Matter

New junction design at the Warwards Lane junction with Pershore Road

Sometimes it is just the little details that can make a difference to the feel of residential streets, and this is one such situation. As part of the Local Sustainable Transport Funds (LSTF) works along Pershore Road, the junction where Ribblesdale Road, Warwards Lane and Pershore Road meet has had an central island built to prevent motor traffic from turning right out of Ribblesdale Road onto Pershore Road.

Survey of the Bristol Road Cycling Improvements

To assess the LSTF improvements along Bristol Road between Bournbrook Road and the Ring Road at Belgrave Road, Push Bikes conducted a survey of users and organised a ride to test the route.

54 responses were received, and it was found that the most serious issue was crossing at Priory Road which was considered particularly dangerous.

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