Widen My Path

The Widen My Path tool is a website that allows you to easily leave comments on a street map of England about changes needed to the specific roads or pavements to improve physical (social) distancing

Where would you cycle?

An example of dual cycling infrastructure.

With the new consultation on the second stage of the Perry Barr cycle track (see this blog post for details - Consultation closes July 19th, and we have a quick response letter you can send) I thought we needed to get some opinions from Birmingham's cycle users about what type of infrastructure they wanted to ride on. Briefly, the new consultation has a cycle track that has give-way lines at every side road and puts cycle users onto shared-use pavements and toucan crossings at both of the main junctions along the route.

BCR progress update March 2018

Work starts on the A38 cycle route

The Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR) programme has entered into the final year of funding through the Cycle City Ambition Grant from the DfT, but this year we should see the biggest changes (finally) on the roads of Birmingham, with the delivery of 2 main road cycle tracks and a cycle hire scheme. It is not clear how the BCR programme will continue after this year - there has been a bid put in for some Cycle Safety Fund money from the DfT, but that is small and limited.

A34 City Centre to Heathfield Road cycle track approved

Artist's impression of the cycle track on the A34

The plans for the A34 cycle route was approved by Birmingham City Council on the 1st November. The plans for the route have been delayed due to challenges to the A38 cycle route (over the turning into Wellington Road), and extra work was done on an air pollution assessment. But the route has been less controversial due to the space along the A34 meaning that no new motor traffic restrictions have been needed.


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