filtered permeability

Hurst Street Public Square Consultation

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Birmingham City Council is consulting on changes to the highways on Hurst Street next to the Hippodrome, following a temporary arrangement that blocked motor traffic access from Hurst Street onto Smallbrook Queensway. Prior to the current temporary arrangement, Hurst Street carried a large volume of motor traffic through the city centre. That motor traffic flow has been mainly diverted away without making Birmingham city centre motor traffic seize up any more than it did before.

No Ring Road Required

I've heard it said many times that the cycling infrastructure is easier in the Netherlands because all their towns have ring roads. The argument is that a ring road allows one to treat a city as a set of segments connected only via the ring road, with motor traffic prevented from crossing from one segment to the next except via the ring road. With through motor traffic removed, other roads become quiet enough for cycle traffic.

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