Bikes, trikes and no automobiles: pedalling prodigies Howard and Esther Boyd

Howard Boyd receiving an award

If you cycle in and around Birmingham regularly, chances are that Howard and Esther have had some influence on your bicycling life. From Howard’s work with CTC, the cycling safety team at RoSPA and consulting engineering firm Allott & Lomax (now owned by Jacobs Engineering), to Esther’s campaigning and their work with Push Bikes, they have been involved, either directly or indirectly, with the way the cycling landscape has evolved in Birmingham.

Reporting Infrastructure Issues - Using Cyclescape

Cyclescape is an online campaigning toolkit that is being developed to help cycle campaigners to work more effectively by creating an accessible record of infrastructure issues reported by campaigners. It also pulls in planning application data for campaigners to see in context, and allows the sharing of examples of best-practice from around the UK to assist the discussion of solutions to local problems.

Push Bikes Manifesto, 2012

Jeremy Clarkson, in The Sunday Times, 8th April, 2012, said:

"[Copenhagen] is fantastic. And best of all: there are no bloody cars cluttering the place up. Almost everyone goes almost everywhere on a bicycle.... City fathers have to choose. Cars or bicycles. And in Copenhagen they've gone for the bike.... The upshot is a city that works. It's pleasing to look at. It's astonishingly quiet. It's safe. And no one wastes half their life looking for a parking space. I'd live there in a heartbeat."

Icknield Port Loop Regeneration

This project covers 65 acres a mile from the city centre. The proposals include between 3,000 and 4,000 homes and a million square feet of commercial space. Our concerns are:

1) Canal towpaths are proposed as the main route to the city for pedestrians & cyclists.

The towpath is relatively narrow and would not accommodate more than light traffic without difficulty.

2) A cycle route is planned to Icknield Port Road but doesn't link with anything to make a good cycle route to the city centre.

Sign up to fight for Kenilworth Greenway's future

Some Warwickshire County Council (WCC) councillors want save money by installing a pelican crossing instead of the bridge on the route, which links Kenilworth Castle, Abbey Fields, Burton Green, Berkswell, Crackley Woods and Warwick University as well as connecting into the national Sustains network.

The bridge will provide a safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists over the busy A429 Coventry Road compared to a pelican crossing.


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