Secu Sport Headlamp Wiring

Secu Sport headlamp wiring
I inserted a grommet into an existing hole on the old reflector bracket to support the wire on its way down to the dynamo. The cable to the rear lamp is connected to the front lamp using spade connectors. I've added some heat-shrink sleeving to protect them. This is oversize, but when heated using the low setting of a hot air gun, it magically shrinks to fit. It's also useful for dressing Bowden cable ends so they don't fray. Note that I have hung the cable over the lamp mount to provide strain relief. The heat-shrink sleeving and spade connectors (order code N22AN) are from Maplin (who have several stores in Birmingham). The grommet came from my locker door when I was in the fifth form at school; I just knew I had a better use for them, and forty years later I was proved correct. I expect Maplin sell them.