Reclaiming a Marketplace

Reclaiming a marketplace
This German town has reclaimed its marketplace. In place of a dual-carriageway with centre reservation parking, there is now a traditional town square, where twice a week there is a large and thriving farmers' market. On warm days people sit at tables in what was once the middle of the road, and engage in conversation over coffee and cake. You can still drive here if you have to, but the speed limit is 15km/h, and the only way out is the way you came in, so not many people do. For cyclists and pedestrians it remains a through-route. Motorists making a through journey are sent all round the back of the town; it's quicker to cycle, so that's what many people do. The square is lined with cycle stands, and they are routinely fully utilised. The remodelled street looks so different it is hard to tell it is the same place, but the viewpoint in both pictures is almost the same, the only difference being that in the first photo the camera is turned more towards the right and is higher up. Look for the white building in the distance with a terracotta roof that is marked with a red dot in both photos. The next two buildings on the right (closer to the camera) can also be seen in both photos. Then there is a building that has been replaced by the time of the second photo, and finally there is a white building with square features just below the roofline. That last building is on the far right in the second photo.