Cycle Parking at Erlangen Station

Cycle parking at Erlangen station
Everywhere cycling starts to take off as a form of transport local authorities are always far too slow and reluctant to provide adequate cycle parking facilities. Believe it or not, some of the metalwork you can see in the photo is cycle stands. The minimal cost involved is always regarded as too much, yet every one of these cycles has been used instead of a car, and because cars are spatially very inefficient, that will have reduced traffic congestion. Cycling also improves health. The net result is cycling saves money, not the other way round. Yet local authorities are happy to see car parks built, even though that just encourages people to block the streets trying to drive to them. Imagine how much space this lot would take up if each vehicle here was a car. Note that the train is clearly marked as being available for the carriage of bicycles, should you want to take your bike with you.