Sainsburys Bike Stands Sorted

Sainsburys bike stands sorted

The cycle stands at the new Sainsbury's in Selly Oak are in an excellent location, but were located too close to the wall, which meant cycles could only be locked up with the back wheel at the curved end of the stand. This meant there was nothing to support the bike whilst strapping on panniers loaded with heavy shopping, so bikes would often very suddenly twist and slide down the stand. Once in that position, it could be very difficult to right the bike. Following complaints to Sainsbury's by Push Bikes members, the stands have been moved away from the wall, much to the delight of the two people in the photo, Pete and Helen, who were unaware of the back-story until I randomly met them discussing the new arrangement. Thanks to Pete for the loan of his phone to take the photo, and for emailing the photos we took to Push Bikes.

Of the many problems with this new but American-style car-centric retail park, the poor access to the shops from the road for people walking and cycling have been circumvented for some by the opening of access from the canal tow path. There are in fact two access points. One is via the under-croft car park (past cycle stands that are strangely as distant from any shop entrance as it's possible to get). This is handy for people with folding bikes, who can ride straight up to the outside lift door. The repositioned cycle stands are more conveniently accessed via a path that runs from the canal bridge, though the compacted sand chosen to create this path defies comprehension; it's already wearing away. The access to the canal also creates a link between the tow path and the A38 cycle route, though the section between Sainsbury's and the new, blue A38 cycleway is poor.