Research: Priority for walking and cycling at side roads

Junction of the A34 and Milton Road

Jonathan Flower, at the Centre for Transport and Society at UWE, Bristol, is researching the impact of different designs of crossings at side streets, and how those impact walking and cycling movements. His current research is looking at a range of junctions across the UK, including two junctions in Birmingham: Milton Road / A34 junction; B4217 / Summer Road junction (see the two photos below).

He wants to find out the following information from local people:

  1. Are current traffic levels (including cycle traffic) close to 2019 levels yet?
  2. Are there currently any roadworks or other unusual highway activity close to the junctions?
  3. Can he have a current photo of the junction.


If you can help him with any of these questions, that would be great. Jonathan can be reached on Twitter, at @JontyFlower, and also at his UWE email address - on his UWE profile: Mr Jonathan Flower - UWE

He also has a blog: Contested Urban Street Space