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We have some great news for you. In line with the political push for Global Britain, Push Bikes will shortly be escaping the shackles of Cycling UK along with the out-dated ideas about going Dutch, and re-associating itself with Cycle, the Australian cycling campaign group. Why shouldn't British people have the opportunity to take part in antipodean campaigns, such as getting bikes allowed on regional trains? I know from your many holiday post cards that quite a few of our members taking the heavenly Heads of the Valleys cycle route from Swansea have joyfully put their bikes on the train at Merthyr Tydfil. Wouldn't it be great if you could do the same next time you're in New South Wales?

Of course not all of us can make it over to Australia, so what other benefits will there be? Well for starters we plan to sack our cheeky chimp and take advantage of Cycle's membership management system. That does mean you'll have to pay in Australian currency, but Sainsbury's Bank is all set up for that (at the time of writing, one Great British Pound is worth just under one Australian Tinny). Alternatively you can just send your subscription as cash, or even gold, and the committee will put it to good use.

We feel this is also a great opportunity for Push Bikes members to learn new tips and tricks. Checking the underside of one's saddle for spiders before every ride is not something many people do in the UK, but probably should. Many of us will have had issues with geese on the towpath, but have you ever wondered how to avoid problems with drop bears? Well as any Australian cyclist knows, not placing drop bears on your steerer is a good start.

It's also an opportunity to discover that many of the things British people believe about Australia are in fact nothing but myths. For example, it's simply nonsense that Australians cycle upside-down; it's us Brits that are upside-down. And can you see any flies in the following video of a ride across the cycle-friendly flat plane that is the Nullarbor?