An Evening with Adam Tranter

Adam Tranter

On 9th March at 7.30 Push Bikes organised a Zoom webinar with Adam Tranter, recently appointed as Cycling and Walking Commissioner for the West Midlands. Previously Push Bikes had enjoyed working with Adam in his volunteer role as Bicycle Mayor of Coventry, and we are really pleased to see that West Midlands Combined Authority now has a Cycling and Walking Commissioner like other regions, including London, Greater Manchester, and Sheffield.

The webinar was an informal discussion led by Shivaji Shiva (Vice Chair of Push Bikes) and an opportunity to ask questions with Adam as he starts his new role. Over forty local active travel advocates listened into the webinar as Adam responded to many questions sent in advance and others posted in the “Chat”. The webinar recording is below.

We would welcome feedback on the discussion because we will remain in contact with Adam over his three year term and may plan similar events in future.