Climate Emergency Survey

A38 Corridor Cycleway

In June 2019, Birmingham City Council passed a resolution declaring a climate emergency. The sentiment is appreciated, but what sort of actions should Birmingham City Council be taking in response to the climate emergency? That is a tricky question, as local governments do not have the same powers as the national government, and there are many other competing interests. This February, the council are consulting to find out what Birmingham residents think should be done, through a Climate Emergency Citizen Survey on Birmingham BeHeard. The consultation closes on February 21st.

The survey first asks if you agree that there is climate change and an emergency. It then asks what level of knowledge you have. After that, it gets on to the more interesting section of asking what actions you are taking now or would be willing to take, and what is needed to help you take those actions. This is split into sections on household energy use, transport and shopping. Finally it asks for general suggestions for what individuals and local communities, local government, and national government can do to combat the climate emergency.

This is a chance to give Birmingham City Council suggestions about what they need to do to really take action on the climate emergency and how they can help people in Birmingham to change their habits.