Sutton Trinity

The following candidates are standing in Sutton Trinity:

Party Surname Forename(s)
Labour Party Barley Roger Eric
UK Independence Party (UKIP) Brown Marcus John
Liberal Democrats Lippiatt Sally Lester
Conservative Party Pears David Christopher
Green Party Winter Richard George

A Birmingham wide response has been received from the Conservative Party, the Green Party and the Labour Party.

Roger Barley (Labour Party) had given us this response:

Good to see you lobbying the Council. I am pleased that Albert [Bore] has given you a comprehensive reply which seems fair to me. I support cycling and walking in this ward and walk a lot myself, the doctor says it's often as good as a blood pressure pill. I am concerned about the timing of pedestrian crossings, e.g. the one at the Reddicap crossing does 4 roads simultaneously but does not allow one to cross more than one road. I have supported 20 mph on busy roads especially schools.