The following candidates are standing in Spring Field:

Party Surname Forename(s)
Green Party Brijmohun Seeyam
Liberal Democrats Choudhry Tanveer
Conservative Party Huxley Tom
Labour Party Rehman Habib

A Birmingham wide response has been received from the Conservative Party, the Green Party and the Labour Party.

Jerry Evans, an existing councillor in Springfield, has given this response from the Liberal Democrats:

  1. Yes with regards to cycling and walking. Birmingham City Council has been successful in securing funding not only from the national government’s Cycle City Ambition funds, but also in securing funds from the local LEP up to 2018. However further applications for funding will be necessary to continue the funding beyond 2018.
  2. Yes
  3. I support the principal. I suspect 10 is too short an interval to avoid disrupting traffic flows too much.
  4. Yes, my party led on this proposing at council.
  5. Yes
  6. Yes