Moseley and Kings Heath

The following candidates are standing in Moseley and Kings Heath:

Party Surname Forename(s)
Trade Union and Socialist Coalition Friel Mike
Independent Holland Luke Edward
UK Independence Party (UKIP) Mondair Rashpal
Liberal Democrats Mullaney Martin James Paul
Green Party Stanton Elly
Labour Party Straker-Welds Martin Gladstone
Conservative Party Williams Owen Vaughan

A Birmingham wide response has been received from the Conservative Party, the Green Party and the Labour Party.

Luke Holland (Independent) has given us this response:

  1. Yes, I think its a good starting point to tackling transport issues in Birmingham. A lot more must be done though. BCR etc have all been good but we must progress more and they must be funded more.
  2. Of course! As a minimum! More money for cycling is essential, alongside walking and so on. I will fight for more money for BCR.
  3. Unsure. This is something I would want to look at in a lot more detail. Kings Heath High Street, for example, is one of Europe's busiest un-pedestrianised High Streets, having 3 sets of traffic lights too. It's something I will research and get back to you on.
  4. 20 is plenty and I support a complete city roll out of 20 mph. I also really do hope that it can be enforced.
  5. Completely support this. It's an issue that is very high on Kings Heath residents' agendas. Closing rat runs is something I will be campaigning for elected/un-elected. Kings Heath is ready for change, DIY Kings Heath Streets is a good starting point for this change.
  6. Yes definitely. Having cycle lanes dotted over the city is pointless, we must have an integrated cycle network.