The following candidates are standing in Erdington:

Party Surname Forename(s)
Trade Union and Socialist Coalition Foster Joe
UK Independence Party (UKIP) Gayle Justin Alexander
Green Party Grant Ulla Barbro
Labour Party Heron Keith Alexander
National Health Action Party Mikula-Deegan Krystyna Teresa
Liberal Democrats Mills Philip David
Conservative Party Moore Gareth Raymond

A Birmingham wide response has been received from the Conservative Party, the Green Party and the Labour Party.

Krystyna Mikula-Deegan (National Health Action Party) gave us this response:

  1. Yes, I support Birmingham City Council's new vision for transport as laid out in the Birmingham Connected white paper, though I think there should be more emphasis on the provision of cycle lanes. I am a great advocate of cycling, but I believe in greater promotion of cycling safety, as one of my cousins who had been a keen cyclist, was sadly killed whilst out riding his bike.
  2. That of course means that I will gladly call for a 20mph speed limit in roads in the Ward.
  3. I will support efforts to secure funding annually for cycling, though in the current financial climate, it might be difficult to obtain £10 per person and therefore I think it might be worth considering another option; ie of promoters of cycling events and indeed anyone connected with cycling, such as sales etc to contribute on a regular basis.
  4. Yes, I will call for pedestrian and cycle crossings in my ward to respond to the button press in under 10 seconds.
  5. Yes, I will promote the closure of residential roads to rat running  motor traffic. I think that's a great idea, though please remember that those who are in positions to influence such decisions will primarily be drivers!
  6. Yes, I will support small projects in Wards to help create joined up cycle routes for local journeys in my Ward. That's a very sensible idea.