The following candidates are standing in Edgbaston:

Party Surname Forename(s)
Conservative Party Bennett Matt
Green Party Dalton Tom
Liberal Democrats Dargue Lee James
UK Independence Party (UKIP) Howard Laura Elizabeth
Labour Party Keeley Tom

A Birmingham wide response has been received from the Conservative Party, the Green Party and the Labour Party.

Lee Dargue (Liberal Democrats) has given us this response:

  1. Yes I do! It's vital for health, environmental and city improvement reasons we have a long-term transport vision (although nothing wrong with saying 20 years is too short!)
  2. Absolutely, LibDems fully support and wish to implement the "Get Britain Cycling" campaign. We commit to wanting to implement the report, and also pushing for the minimum £10 per head. I'm pleased to say LibDems have a full cycling policy as part of their manifesto; a radical approach to transport where others just talk about rail, bus and car (which are important too, but not the only options)!
  3. I'd be happy to discuss this with you further before I commit totally - as I think some of the crossings in the city are in difficult places, so sometimes allow a few extra cars to pass may be of benefit when, for example, feeding from a main junction or roundabout. Happy to discuss.
  4. Yes, we believe that in residential areas, 20mph should be the standard. Allows for better safety, better driving (where people abide by the speed limit, which is another issue to tackle). It also allows for better environmental conditions, as less speed means less emissions, and better air quality in the local area, as well as cutting down overall CO2 emissions.
  5. Yes, if appropriate. It's important local residents are consulted on with any changes to road systems, so that car drivers, cyclists (sometimes people do both!) and people who live in the area all get their say and we can come up with a consensus approach.
  6. Sounds like a great idea! So yes, love to be involved and hear more about it.