Tree Planted on Push Bikes' Behalf

Whilst pedal cycles represent the most energy efficient form of transport ever devised (an ordinary bicycle uses 110J/km, which equates to 0.321 L/100 km, and a velomobile is five times better still), data centres are notorious for using a lot of energy. That means they are potentially responsible for a lot of carbon dioxide emissions. Push Bikes' servers are managed by Midlands Data, which has truly green ethics and aims to become carbon-negative by the end of this year. So our servers hosted in a green data centre, but to go further and become carbon-negative, carbon dioxide produced by others must be absorbed from the atmosphere. The simplest and most agreeable way to achieve this is to plant trees, since plants take in carbon dioxide to create food with which to grow. So Midlands Data arranged to plant a tree in our name, and today we received our first tree certificate.

Better still, Midlands Data tell us that next year there will be 10 trees planted for each hosting package sold or renewed for a year.

So just by riding a bike to get about you are doing a lot to help the environment, but by being a member of Push Bikes you are doing even more.